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* Giant Kerplunk Rental

  • Our Giant Kerplunk rental is an oversized version of the popular game that was played in the seventies and eighties. The object of Giant Kerplunk is to pull your colored sticks out without dropping balls in your square. Each player will choose a color (red, green, blue or yellow) and stand near their color on the bottom of the drop box. The first player will then begin removing their color rods, one at a time. Play will continue in a clockwise fashion. Balls will fall randomly as the sticks are pulled and will drop into one of the colored boxes. Players should pull the rods strategically so balls fall into boxes other than their own. Once all the sticks have been removed OR all the balls have dropped, the player with the least amount of balls in their box is the winner. Giant Kerplunk has no power requirements and can be used both indoors and out. Be sure to check out our large selection of giant game rentals!

    Dimensions: 67”H X 48”W X 48”L
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