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* Giant Connect 4 Rental

  • Giant connect four is just like the table top game you played as a kid, only bigger! Two players (or teams) drop discs in the top of the board alternating turns trying to get four in a row. To win, you or your team must be the first to connect four of your color discs in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally! Giant connect four is a great team building game! Check out our other giant game rentals.

    Game-play: Each player or team chooses a color. Determine which player goes first by flipping a coin. The first player inserts a disc into the giant connect four game board. Only after the disc has been released can the second player or team make the next move. The turns continue to alternate between the first and second players or teams until someone gets four discs of the same color lined up in a row or the board is filled without any winning moves.

    The giant connect 4 rental does not require power and can be used indoors or outdoors and does not require much space.

    Dimensions: 47"H X 50"W X 18"L
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